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16. 12. 2019  Reportaža: The Return of Eluveitie  (5. 12. 2019, Kino Šiška Ljubljana)
I hope these bands will return to Slovenia again in the future.

Photos: Hana Slapar

Firstly, I would like to say that the venue Kino Šiška deserves a big applause due to the sound and lights – not one band sounded badly, the lights were amazing and everything was taken care off very well.

The almost sold out Thursday night show started with metalcore rising stars, Infected rain from Moldavia. The venue, Katedrala (the bigger venue in Kino Šiška) was a bit more than a half full, but I can say that for the people that came later it was a loss, because the band – after the eerie intro – started off like as if Hell itself would descend upon the Earth.

With the mixture off metal core and nu metal they started off greatly and kept the flame strong until the end of their rather short set. Personally, I’ve never heard off the band before, but they surprised me in every way possible. The vocals of Lena go through the bone as she combines screams with a clear and almost angelic voice. The energy they give on stage was amazing to see and feel. It took a while before the crowd got into it, but when they did, the party had started. And it, sadly, ended way to soon.

After a short pause, it was the time for the band that everyone knows – Lacuna Coil.  One by one they walked onto the stage with some proper corpse paint you would expect from a black metal band. Then Christina and Andrea arrived and the ritual, led by both the Beauty and the Beast really began.

The combination of the strong death vocals from Andrea and the heavenly voice of Christina made this gothic metal show a must see. As you probably know, they’ve been around 1994 and are still on stage and that means they are strong and still leading in the metal world. The crowd was difficult in the beginning, but when the song The Silence, a cover from Alexandra Burke, hit the ears, the crowd was with the band all the way. After that they played a song from the album Comalies, Heaven is a lie (one of my personal favourites and known amongst the old school fans). They ended the show with a strong performance of the song Nothing stands in our way. We wanted more and I think if they would be the headliner, it would be an amazing show.

I can't wait until they come back to Slovenia.

And now is the time for the headliner that doesn't even need an introduction – Eluveite. This Swiss band made their way up in the charts with their amazing folk metal and their latest album, Ategnatos, is no exception. I do have to say I was a bit late because the band started earlier than expected. When I came back to the venue, they started with the song “Call of the mountains” done by the amazing vocals of Fabienne and done in the ancient, sadly extinct language Gaulish. Of course, we didn’t understand the lyrics but it didn't matter because the strong performance made this an unforgettable experience. The rest of the concert was mixed in old and new songs which don't need introduction, I think the fans of Eluveite know them better then myself.

The room was almost full, but still, it’s a shame the concert was not sold out because these top bands would deserve it for sure.

I hope these bands will return to Slovenia again in the future.

As for the sound. It was perfect. I didn't hear any faults in the sound with Infected Rain. It was strong and powerful. When Lacuna Coil came onto the stage I did miss a bit of thickness in the overall sound but after a song or two it was all cleared out and they sounded as amazing as they should. After these two bands it was up to the headliner Eluveitie. The sound was amazing although hearing Eluveite live is not the same as on CD, as it loses a bit of that amazing sound they have as the different instruments don't come through all the time, but nobody cared as they put on a very strong performance.

The light show was overall very good and was one of the best I have ever seen in any live shows I have been to – Kino Šiška really comes out on top of the venues I have been to in my life, and believe me when I say it, because being over 30 years in the metal scene and on stages, I have seen a lot.


Avtor: Azaziel
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