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23. 2. 2020  Reportaža: Brutality over Šiška  (10. 2. 2020, Kino Šiška Ljubljana)

Photos: Hana Slapar

This concert was held in the big hall of Ljubljana’s beautiful venue, Kino Šiška.

The band to set off the evening was the five piece band out of Dallas (Texas, USA), named I AM. They metalcore combined with deathcore and do not sound bad at all. With a strong melody in hand with brutal death metal they bring songs like Paid In Sin and In Lust We Trust. They gave away a good show and the best of theirselves on this gig, the room was on that point about 1/3th full but still they managed to get the crowd behind them.

Next up it was up to the guys from Rivers Of Nihil. This band from USA brings more the melodic style of death metal combined with some brutality. I have seen them already a few times and they keep on amazing me and the crowd every time again. Songs like The Silent Life and Where Owls Know My Name were not to be missed in the show, as they are touring to present their new album that just came out last year (Where the owls know my name). The crowd got into it very fast and started moving more and more the gig was evolving. For anyone that is into brutal death metal with melodic parts in it, this is the band to look up and listen.

Next up in the row is up to the band Fit For An Autopsy from New Jersey which was formed in 2008.

Presenting their past years release of the album The Sea Of Tragic Beasts they set of the stage hard and brutal playing the typical deathcore. Before this gig I never heard of the band and was surprised of the energy that they put into the show. Songs like Mirrors and the title track of the album sure came into good concept with the audience, the people started to headbang more and more in this time of the gig. The show was overall very good and interesting to see.

Next up to the co-headliner of the evening, Carnifex, band from San Diego, California is already in the scene since 2005 and brings deathcore. Armed with corpsepaint and appropriate outfits they set off their show with a lot of energy and the crowd was going wild on the songs presented very strong, the room was now almost full.

Presenting the release of the World War X album containing songs like Visions Of The End and This Infernal Darkness make you see what this band is all about – the lyrics all are about negativity in your mind and in the world, more in a depressed way of thinking. All in all, they gave the most energetic show of the whole evening as the big headliner came on stage – the band everyone was waiting for, Thy Art Is Murder.

The band from Australia really started of good and brought the old school deathcore, I even think it’s one of the main bands starting of the trend of the deathcore style.

The only down thing about the band was that you saw with them that the tour was getting a bit too much for them as the vocalist was losing his voice a lot during the gig. But no harm done because even though it’s difficult to do in Kino Šiška, there was a moshpit going on in the crowd on a lot of their songs. They presented themselves really good and made this closure of the evening amazing.

As for the light and sound I have actually nothing bad to say as it was perfect as always.

Avtor: Azaziel
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