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12. 4. 2017  Metaldays intervju: Gloryhammer 
''I mean, the medieval stuff is really part of power metal bands as the definition of power metal. Sci-fi is quite near to that, but I think there is quite a lot sci-fans out there and that’s why this album si more sci-fi, space themed.'' (Thomas Winkler)

V času festivala Metaldays (sreda, 27. 7. 2016) sem se imel možnost pogovarjati s power metalci Gloryhammer, večini znani kot sekundarni bend klaviaturista Christopherja Bowesa iz Alestorm. Pogovarjal sem se z pevcem Thomasom Winklerjem ter basistom Jamesom Cartwrightom, po njihovem odpovedanem nastopu zaradi izjemno slabih vremenskih razmer.

Intervju je potekal v angleščini, torej takega tudi objavljamo!

S: First of all, hello, how are you?

Thomas : Quite wet.

James: Yeah, my hair is wet, though it’s all good look.

Thomas: Well, I look good at it, because I got to drink some Somersby (cider).

James: It’s the same, he’s been drinking.

S: Cider?

Thomas: Yes, sweet cider and the good thing is our show is over and I can finally drink. Usually I don’t drink at all ... before shows ...

James: Wait, didn’t you drink before this one?

Thomas: Am ... maybe yesterday yes, only some beers and the show was great too because...we had to quit it. It was quite fun literally.

S: Actually, the last show that was stopped due to the shitty weather was Behemoth some years back.

James: Yeah, somebody was actually just telling us about that, our friend Michael.

Thomas: I just really like the fact that we had to quit it.

S: Why is that?

Thomas: Because people will remember it.

S: That’s true, but I believe that people will remember it anyway. You had the biggest crowd so far (for the hour of the show)

under the stage and it was raining cats and dogs.

Thomas: Yeah that’s true, I heard a lot of people came to see our band which is really awesome,

I also think crowd reacted really well and that is what makes it a great show to me personally,

when people begin chanting and doing the stuff without showing them what to do and that makes it a great show.

S: You were on the tour with Blind Guardian?

James: It was just a part of the tour, we’ve done literally just 5 shows with them in March? Or it was May I can’t remember ...

Thomas: Yes, it was on May.

James: But no, they were doing an UK leg of the tour. A lot of our members are from UK and we got asked to join them. It was good. It was really good. 

We even got a little talk with them.

Thomas: We got to great Hansi (singer of B.B). Cool guy. Hansi, if you are listening to this (interview was recorded on my phone - Simon), but I bet you won’t ... I love you man.

S: So how did you get along with the guys from the Blind Guardian. How did the energy flow? 

Thomas: As I already said, Hansi is really a nice guy and I also met some other guys and talked to them a bit, they really are great musicians and good people at all, so I can’t say

anything bad about them. I hope we can play with them again, probably we’ll play with them in the USA.

S: Well unfortunately they declined all interview this year here at Metaldays.

James: Oh, really? Well they are elusive people, I don’t think I’ve met each one of them, maybe one time. Each. Or maybe I met one day one member and the other day the another.

Thomas: I’ve met them few times, they were really alright.

James: (to Angus) I heard you and Hansi took it really off.

Thomas: Yes, extremely well. O yeah. Hahaha.

James: It was a private backstage and one of those Hansi’s private parties. It’s all club Hansi ... (bursts in laugh).

S: You are promoting the second album. How is going it for you? How are the reactions and feedbacks from the fans?

Thomas: Well, if you compare crowd (for Metaldays) three years ago, it was some sick show that was great as well.

People came dressed as unicorns and stuff, but it was still small crowd. This time, we played in the same spot as three years ago and the crowd was huge this time. 

It looked like people knew all of our lyrics and knew what to do already and I believe this is one of the goals to a band.

James: (Sarcastily opens up to Angus and his statement about crowd doing all by itself) What – are you lazy or something?

Thomas: Yeah, you are a bass.

James: Yes, you want everyone to do your job for you.

Thomas: Well, the goal is people to sing and not me. (laughs)

5. Even before you came on stage, people were chanting bass player stage name (Hootsman). Where did your names come from and why are you named like this?

Thomas: Well, he is a cool guy I guess. I can’t understand why they do that, if you ask me. I really can’t. (both deliver laughter)

James: Thomas just touched me inside my ....

Thomas: (to James) I know you like it.

Thomas: People like the Hootsman because he just looks good. And because of the beard.

S: Where does the name (Hoots) come from?

James: It’s a Scottish slang for a twat I think and I’m not even kidding. I think it’s an insult or something like that to someone.

S: How did the Gloryhammer project start or more importantly, why did it start?

James: I think that Chris (who is also in Alestorm) and Paul Templing came to us and they got this super idea to start a power metal band and I think Chris sat in

my bedroom in 2009 and said: »Do you want to be in the band?«

Chris and Paul pulled some songs together back then and I believe we made a deal with Napalm Records not long after, we just didn’t sign it for a few years .

Thomas: Wait, why? (laugh)

James: I believe nobody even bothered.

(Both start to laugh.)

James: And that was it. As soon as we found Tom on vocals we were just: »Let’s do it.«

Both: And here we are now.

From medieval theme to space; why the change and how did you find a way to combine both themes so perfectly?

Thomas: Well you know, that’s a question for Chris actually. I don’t have an idea, I just sing. (laugh)

I mean, the medieval stuff is really part of power metal bands as the definition of power metal.

Sci-fi is quite near to that, but I think there is quite a lot sci-fans out there and that’s why this album si more, space themed.

Next album it might be completely different again. No idea, where will it go yet.

Maybe westerns? Like cowboys and stuff?

Thomas: Who knows, who knows. Perhaps ancient Japan.

Well that would be interesting indeed!

Thomas: Well it’s mostly Chris who has this crazy ideas, I just go with them. 

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