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24. 11. 2019  Intervju: Hudič - From darkness to beyond 
A interview with an upcoming Belgian doom death metal band.

Let me introduce you to a band, consting of 5 members that don't wanna be named. The interview is done with a member J.

Me: How did Hudič form as a band?

J. The band formed because of a few friends going to the festival Metaldays, we were partying and having fun when one person asked to start a band together. All members were playing in other bands at that moment and wanted a new challenge in life something that was there known.

Me: How did you come up to the bandname?

J. Well, also at Metaldays, talking about names and stuff for the band, we came up with the name as we wanted something to last from Metaldays, the name means "the devil" in Slovene language.

Me: Hudič came out of nothing and made a name in Belgium in a short time. What are you plans for the future?

J. At the moment we would like to perform in Europe and beyond to bring our message out the the world, make a name for ourselves and try to find a label as we are working on a full length album.

Me. Even that the band just came to being and is not that long in the scene yet, you already had some down spiral with members leaving. How did this influence the band?

J. Well, at the moment, that pressure falls on me as I am the only original member of the band left. With that said, new people we found to play with, are just as good as their previous members and maybe even better musically.

Me. The band has its own sound. Who takes care of the music part of the band?

J. Well as a bassist in this band but also a guitarist in another band, I am always searching for new riffs, then with the help of the other members the songs are created, our own sound comes forth from the different kind of genres that we use in our music. We don't want to be bound to one genre only.

Me. What is the ideology behind the band and what is the message you wanna bring out to the people?

J. We take a high value in the teatrical aspect of the show, so when people come to see our show, they remain interested in the show, as we always try to be as creative as possible. The message we try to bring out to the people: First, look at yourself before judging others and fight for what you want in life and don't let your problems take over.

I'd like to thank J. for taking a part in this and hopefully we will see the band soon here in Slovenia on the stage.



Avtor: Azaziel
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