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17. 1. 2013  Interview: Ron Jarzombek 
Yeah, actually when Jason asked me to check out WatchTower, I thought it was going to be with Billy. I didn't know I'd be replacing him. I don't mind being the only guitarist or being part of a duo. You can do cool harmonies with another guitarist live. But I haven't been in a band with another guitarist since Slayer. But as far as the music goes, we still have issues writing because I work a lot different than Rick and Doug. I'm one of those guy who does a lot of homework on my own, and those guys want to all meet up face to face. That's part of the problem with Mathematics.

Tokrat smo se odločili, da intervju pustimo v izvirnem jeziku, ker verjamemo, da bi intervju s prevodom izgubil marsikaj. Po drugi strani gre pa tudi za neke vrste test, saj bi radi videli, kako se obnesejo pisani intervjuji v izvirniku na našem portalu. Glede na to, da smo objavili ogromno intervjujev v angleščini v video obliki menimo, da vas ta v pisni obliki ne bo motil.

Ron Jarzombek je najbolj znan kot član progresivne metal skupine Watchtower. Pred tem je pa igral pri Slayer. Seveda ne tistih najbolj znanih iz L. A., ampak iz San Antonia v ameriški zvezni državi Teksas. Potem, ko so Watchtower razpadli (tudi zaradi njegove bolezni - carpal tunel syndrome, ki mu je onemogočil igranje kitare vrsto let) se je večinoma posvečal projektom, kot so Spastic ink. in Blotted science.

O tem, kako močna je bila tekšaška metal scena in o odnosu znanosti do glasbe in obratno, pa si preberite spodaj.   

Nenad Čekrlić: Tell us about the Slayer (SA) days!

Ron Jarzombek: Not sure I remember that far back. LOL I remember I was a progressive rock guy trying to fit in with a bunch of metalheads.

Nenad Čekrlić: But was Slayer (SA) your ticket to joining Watchtower?

Ron Jarzombek: Well, SA Slayer and WatchTower used to gig alot together in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, so we were all aware of each other. But really back then I never talked to Doug and Rick. Jason and Billy were the more friendlier ones who socialized. I didn't really become friends with Rick and Doug until I joined the band.

Nenad Čekrlić: Did you convert to a metalhead then or were you still into prog rock? I'm asking since all the material you have done is more or less metal.

Ron Jarzombek: I'd say that I now combine both. But before Tower I was listening to Metallica, Black Sabbath and Priest,  so I had some metal roots, but my favorite band of all time is Rush.

Nenad Čekrlić: How was it joining Watchtower, since it was pretty much a different band? Slayer had 2 guitars, WT has only one and the guitar definitely had a different role. And not to mention the difference in genre and different approach in musical terms.

Ron Jarzombek: Nenad Čekrlić: So, the real problem with Mathematics is a logistical one? Would you prefer it if everyone would record their part on their own?

Ron Jarzombek: There are so many problems with WatchTower, no singer, logistics, motivation, musical direction, finances, recordings techniques, lack of preparation, it goes on and on. I give it a shot every 3 or 4 years or so after I complete a different project or two, and it always falls apart. There really is no one REAL problem, it's the combination of everything.

Nenad Čekrlić: Why did you decide to name it Mathematics? Is it in any connection with your love of science?

Ron Jarzombek: That was Doug's idea. He had that title even before I was in the band, I think. We all thought it was a great title, I still do.

Nenad Čekrlić: Do you perceive music as science or mathematics in any way? Not just your music, but music in general?

Ron Jarzombek: Hm well, there is A LOT of mathematics in music, no matter how anybody wants to perceive it... time signatures, note divisions, tuplets, steps between notes in scales, etc. It's endless. I guess science works its way into music via concepts. Music also is a great backdrop for all things, I think any techy type of music just gives that "scientific" vibe.

Nenad Čekrlić: Are you interested in science outside music? A lot of guys who play in prog bands are usally into astronomy.

Ron Jarzombek: Oh yeah, I watch the Discovery Channel all the time. I love all that planet stuff... When the earth was formed, dinosaurs, ice age, etc. Love that stuff. So yeah, count me as one of the prog band members into astronomy.

Ron Jarzombek: I like hot chicks too though... And football!

Nenad Čekrlić: Don't we all?

Ron Jarzombek: ChaChing!

Nenad Čekrlić: Well, space is pretty boring without hot chicks, that's what I always wanted to see in documentaries and in sci-fi series.

Ron Jarzombek: Yeah, like that chick in that Species movie who only wears blue paint. Yum Yum. That Alien Planet TV movie series called V had some hot chicks too.

Nenad Čekrlić: I watched that when I was I kid. But they needed to be lesbians to make it the best show ever if you ask me.

Ron Jarzombek: Nothing wrong with two hot chicks going at it.

Nenad Čekrlić: Well, two or more.

Ron Jarzombek: If there's a dike anywhere near, count me out.

Nenad Čekrlić: Well it's just for watching.

Nenad Čekrlić: Anyways, how come you never played in a bigger band since Watchtower? Your brother played in some, for example. Also, Dangerous Toys changed a lot of guitarists... You were never asked to join a big metal band?

Ron Jarzombek: If Mudvayne calls me, I'll gladly join, but that hasn't happened. I guess the biggest "band" that I've been in was with Marty Friedman, but that really wasn't even a band, just a few quick tours. Quite honestly, I really don't know why I haven't been in any bigger bands. I just work on things that I'm working on, and hope that something else happens with it, and it doesn't... WatchTower, Spastic Ink, Blotted Science. It usually ends in a few releases, no tour, just stops at that point.

Nenad Čekrlić: How was it working with Marty? Marty was probably pleased to have a guitarist of the same quality as Jason Becker playing along with him?

Ron Jarzombek: Marty was killer. Great player, great guy. But I thought maybe the whole thing would carry over into something else, but it never did. I just played the parts that I was supposed to, got paid, and that was it. No collaboration of any sort, except for the solo that he did for me on the 2nd Spastic Ink CD. I was hoping we'd do some Friedman/Becker type thing, but it didnt' come close to that. Dude, I'm NOWHERE near the level of Jason Becker, but thanks for the kind words!!!

Nenad Čekrlić: Ever wanted to have a similar career like him?

Ron Jarzombek: Yeah, but the whole neoclassical shred thing just got so freaking old. I wanted to be part of that at one time, but now when I hear it it bores me to tears. But yeah, Cacophony was great. There weren't your typical shred type band, they did some killer timing things. Very cool stuff indeed.

Nenad Čekrlić: What about Death? I remeber seeing photos of Chuck wearing a Watchtower T-shirt. He was obviusly a big fan of Watchtower.

Ron Jarzombek: Death was awesome, Chuck always had great players with him. Whenever I see a Death record and the players on it, I really wish I was part of any of it somehow. Chuck flew from Florida to be at one of the WatchTower reunion shows, he was a Tower fan, and it was beyond killer talking to him.

Nenad Čekrlić: Were you ever invited to play with him? And if you were invited, would you accept the invitation?

Ron Jarzombek: I would have gladly played in any band/project form with Chuck. The Marty experience was very cool, but not sure I would do it again. I don't like not having much of a say in things. I guess just being a hired gun isn't my thing. But on the other hand, I get tired of spearheading all of these projects. It would be cool to be part of a real band one of these days.

Nenad Čekrlić: How come you haven't been in any bands that recorded with your brother before Spastic Ink?

Ron Jarzombek:  If you are asking why haven't Bobby and I been in the same band other than Spastic Ink, he just does what he does and the same here. It would be cool to work with Bobby again, but he's so busy with Halford, Sebastian and Fates.

Nenad Čekrlić: I can see now why you'd think the question was weird. I wanted to ask you: How come you and Bobby weren't in any more serious bands before Spastic Ink?

Ron Jarzombek: Before Spastic Ink, Bobby was in Riot and I was in Tower and SA Slayer. We did Ink because we weren't tied to any other bands, and both wanted to write and record some crazy shit. Ink pretty much ended when Bobby got the Halford gig because he then moved to California. The only other recording that we did was called Happy Kitties, and just released two songs.

Nenad Čekrlić: Would you consider Blotted Science and Spastic Ink more as projects or real bands?

Ron Jarzombek: Sad to say both are just recording projects. It would be great to do more with Blotted Science, but it probably won't happen. Our drummer lives in Germany so regular practice sessions are out of the question. It's also self-released so I'd have to cover all expenses myself. The 3 of us get along great and love the writing that we're writing and recording/ but trying to take it the next level would be very difficult. I'm not saying it won't ever happen, but Alex is a full time member of Cannibal Corpse and Hannes is with Obscura so they don't have a lot of time for another band/project. That's just the reality of it.

Nenad Čekrlić: If you wanted to have a band that was more than just a recording band, who would you invite to play with you and what kind of band would it be? Let's say you wanted to make your ideal band. Who would you pick?

Ron Jarzombek: Probably Alex Webster on bass and Hannes Grossman on drums.

Nenad Čekrlić: And if you wanted a second guitar?

Ron Jarzombek: Jeff Loomis or Chris Muenzner.

Nenad Čekrlić: Your ideal band wouldn't have a vocalist?

Ron Jarzombek: Not sure about the vocalist, that's a tough one. But it wouldn't be growling, barking or cookie monster.

Nenad Čekrlić: Cookie monster?!?

Ron Jarzombek: COOKIE!!!

Nenad Čekrlić: What about toilet flush vocals?

Ron Jarzombek: LOL Nope

Ron Jarzombek: No pig squeaking either. OOOps pig squealing

Nenad Čekrlić: Ever had an idea to sell the guitars you build?

Ron Jarzombek: Nope, I just build guitars for myself. I could maybe go into business, but don't really want to. I'd rather write and record. I'm trying to figure out how to get into other things too, but building guitars isn't one of them. Any kind of multimedia would be cool. Film scores, apps, animations etc.

Nenad Čekrlić: So you really only make guitars that fit you?

Ron Jarzombek: It would be cool to get a company to build the gtr body shape that I have now, but I've built strats, Vs, Flying Strats etc.

Nenad Čekrlić: What inspires you when you write music?

Ron Jarzombek: I have a pretty good time with all of this 12 tone stuff. But for this latest Blotted Science CD, it was very inspring writing to the bug movies. I didnt' really need any other inspiration, it was right there.

Nenad Čekrlić: What about the next Blotted Science EP?

Ron Jarzombek: Yeah, pretty happy with it. It came out great. Lots of bugs and technical metal.

Nenad Čekrlić: Anyways, do you think that the insects will outlive humans and mamals?

Ron Jarzombek: Probably. That's what the Discovery Channel says.

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