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14. 7. 2016  Incantation: 25 years of blasphemy 
''We just kept the same Incantation ingredients that we have always done, try to add new spices every new song and record. We don’t ever go into it thinking how do we get new younger fans, we just continue to do what we have always done.''

Incantation are world known death metal entity that’s been spreading blasphemy for more than 25 years. The warriors of blasphemous reprisal embody death metal, integrity and perserverance. Their records are timeless classics and although Incantation are old, haha, they can still teach younger people in extreme music what needs to be done to name your music death fucken’ metal.

This interview was done via e-mail at the same time as they released their 25th anniversary LP. You can get it at their official store or at their shows.

Speaking of the shows, they’ll visit Zagreb, Croatia on 25th July 2016 (they’ll spew forth blasphemy with Brazil’s Nervochaos and Croatia’s Usud) and they’ll open the gates to Hell at this year’s Metaldays in Tolmin on 26th July 2016.

My corresponedent was the drummer, Kyle Severn, whom I’ve known for about 10 years. He knows me by the name Dickless Ivan, considering my band Dickless Tracy played with Incantation a couple of times. Hence, the explanation for his first answer, haha.

Mega thanx to Kim Baarda of Black Element Productions for making this interview possible.


First of all, hello, Kyle! How are you doing, what are you doing at the moment besides taking your time to answer these questions?

KYLE – Hello Dickless Ivan, I mean Tracy ... Hahah ... That’s just what i heard from the girls on the road, i wouldn’t personally know myself ... Hahaha ... So thanks for at least having some balls, since you don’t have a dick, to ask me some questions for an interview, really appreciate it, been a longtime dude … I am currently typing this interview while drinking on my first flight out of four on my way to start our European “Ungod” tour of Europe to promote our recent xxv release. (The tour occurred in April 2016 with Morgoth – D. I.).

Secondly, I'd like to congratulate you on reaching the landmark of 25 years of blasphemy. How does it feel? Not many bands in this genre of music exist for so long, let alone play and endure and breathe blasphemous death metal.

KYLE – Well fuck, when you put it like that, it feels old!!! Haha ... But seriously, for me it seems to fly by. The band has actually  been together 27 years now (we are really late on putting out our 25th, that’s why we started our 30th now ... Hahah) and I have been here since ‘94 which seems like only yesterday, but fuck, that was 22 years ago. The cool thing about all of this is we really haven’t changed much, and that’s a great thing, when I met John and started playing with him, I joined to keep the vision he had started a few years earlier and we still have that same vision today. We have a formula of course, but each song, each record we try to add to that, and I feel we still continue to do that. Either we are thinking new ideas, maybe something out of the box for us, or have a contribution riff or feeling from another member (like from Chuck and Sonny).

Whatever it is, we keep that “incantation” style of death metal, which is really what’s important. I hate when bands change drastically, I understand a little difference, but it’s like if I heard Candlemass doing a blast beat, I would probably cry!!!

So, to try to answer your question, we are just fortunate that we have fans that share the same vision as we do to continue creating “Incantation death metal fucking music” and really that’s the only additional inspiration we need to continue doing what we already love and will continue to do regardless!!!

When you joined the band, Incantation was already an established name in death metal pantheon but with a turbulent past, considering all the line-up changes. At the time, did you or John ever think you would be doing this in 2016?

KYLE – You know, we never talked about that in any period of our relationship, because really, you just go day to day, riff by riff, show by show, record by record.

It’s never been about tomorrow, it’s always enjoying what we have at the moment, or how we deal and dealt with “what” we have at the moment. We couldn’t help, as of recently, reflecting back while putting this ‘’XXV’’ together, reflecting on past events, stories and all kinds of ups and downs over the years, but at the end of the day we are still doing what we love and are fortunate to be doing it together.

Now, that probably sounds all gay and shit, but bottom line is it’s 2016 and we are putting out some of our best material we ever have. Even if that sounds cliché, it’s true.

You commemorated the 25th anniversary with releasing the XXV album. Can you share some more details on this album – is it a best of, is it made of new material, is it live album?

KYLE – So glad you asked. I would say new record, because it is just that. We wanted to record the history of the band in just a couple songs, from the first songs ever writenn to present which represents the history of 25 plus years in one 12” record. Obviously, we could record a quadrouple gatefold at that point, but we slimed it down to this.

Side A gives you the first 2 songs John ever wrote under the band name Incantation, which is ‘Profanation’ and ‘Unholy Massacre’, then ‘Nefarious Warriors’ which is one of the first song John and I wrote together that has never had a proper recording of the song in which it was originally written, and finally a new track written for this release titled ‘Obelisk Reflection’.

Side B consists of live songs. we never had a proper live album, so this is small taste of our live performance.  We had Chris Moyen draw an amazing collection of Incantation goats and blasphemies for the cover. This is a gatefold which is loaded with an old school collage of photos throughout the years on the inside. This is only going to be a one time presssing of 1000 hand numbered units and that’s it. We don’t have plans to press it on any other format. It’s a band release only for the fans. We also printed a full line of t-shirts and merchandise to coincide with this release.

This album is only reachable via Incantation online shop. Will it be ever available through any other distributions or on your live shows?

KYLE – You can get it from us at live shows which we are touring for now, and of course on our official website. we are not selling it to distributers.

At the same time you're recording the follow up to the album Dirges In Elysium. What can we expect of the new album and how is it to be back with the mighty Relapse Records?

KYLE -  We are extremely happy with the current material we are recording at the moment. It is a great follow up to “Dirges”, and as far as rejoining the Relapse family, it is really cool to have it come full circle, we are excited to rebuild a relationship with them.

Besides Incantation I know you're busy with some other musical projects. Can you share some more info about your other bands?

KYLE – Currently I have a debut record coming out on Hellsheadbangers records which Matt Sorg (Ringworm, Blood of Christ) and I created a few years ago. The record is titled “Harrowing Faith”. It’s a 90’s sounding death metal project, and it’s in the vein of Autopsy, Entombed, Impetigo etc. We did release a selftitled 7” on Hellsheadbangers that should be still available. We have recruited some great players to join us in the band, Ash Thomas (Estuary, Faithxtractor) on vokills, Ed Stephens (Blood of Christ) on bass, and Brian Boston (From the Depths) to add some eerie keyboards accents.

What is your connection to the film The Afterparty Massacre? Will you be joining the movie world any time soon?

Kyle – ‘’APM’’ was an idea that a friend of mine and I had about trying to bring more extreme music and horror together. He owns and we would travel working horror conventions together and I noticed that that world needs to be more familiar with death metal, just like when you go to festivals everybody knows horror movies.

So, with that we decided it was time to write a story including how far do you push a crazed female fan at a live Incantation performance, which ends up as one hell of a killer after party. Lots of blood, gore, death metal and tities!!!

I’d love to do another movie, but that was a lot of work, took a ton of time, so it will be a while before I’m able to work on another movie, but we do have an idea in mind!!!

How do you guys keep sounding so fresh and yet at the same not obviously changing that much? How do new, younger crowds who are let's say more into modern technical death metal accept Warriors Of Blasphemous Reprisal?

Kyle – Ya know, we just kept the same Incantation ingredients that we have always done, try to add new spices every new song and record. We don’t ever go into it thinking how do we get new younger fans, we just continue to do what we have always done.

What's your opinion on the world without Lemmy, Dio and some other metal legends?

Kyle – Well, it sucks of course. Especially to lose one of the greats, but unfortunately we are getting to an age where all of our icons are getting older and it’s a part of life. Just hurts more when they are taken from us to early.

Can you name 5 all time metal classics which every metal head should check out?

Kyle – Fuck, only 5? I grew up on heavy metal and rock n roll, so my suggestions are going to be Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rainbow, Priest, Black Sabbath … and so on …

You’re returning to Slovenia, first time since 2005, to play the mighty Metaldays festival in July 2016. What do you expect?

Kyle - To have a very metal day!!! Haha … it is really cool, can’t believe its been that long.

Thanx for your time, bro! Hope all goes well in the future – any last notes for the readers of this interview?

Kyle – Fffuuuucccckkkkkkk!!!!!!!

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