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22. 10. 2017  Aosoth ponujajo nov komad 

Aosoth je francoski black metal projekt, ki ga tvorijo MkM (Antaeus), Bst (The Order Of ApollyonVI) ter Saroth (Hell MilitiaTemple of Baal). Bobne je posnel session član T. 17. novembra bo prek Agonia Records izšel album "V: The Inside Scriptures" - album zaključuje koncept prejšnjih dveh plošč, snemanje pa je trajalo 3 leta. Pri tem je bend naletel na toliko ''izzivov'', da bi projekt skorajda popolnoma opustil.

1. A Heart To Judge 
2. Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits Of Blood 
3. The Inside Scriptures 
4. Premises Of A Miracle 
5. Contaminating All Tongues 
6. Silver Dagger And The Breathless Smile 

Zadnjemu komadu lahko prisluhnete spodaj.

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22. 10. 2017  Cattle Decapitation predstavljajo turnejski dokumentarec 

Septembra so se Američani Cattle Decapitation podili po Evropi skupaj s Hideous Divinity in Broken Hope, zdaj pa so izdali uradni turnejski dokumentarec.

Kitarist Josh Elmore pravi: For several years now, fans have been asking the band to release a video chronicle with live performance footage and enhanced or 'behind the scenes' documentation. During a recent European run, our friend Paul McGuire of Obscenery Films traveled with the band and captured glimpses of what day-to-day life on the road is like for Cattle Decapitation and spoke with the members as they reflected on years of touring and what their future holds. The result is an entertaining, humorous and informative documentary that shows the band as a live entity and also what goes on during their down time on tour; play-throughs, interviews, concert chaos, Euro-tourism and more. We hope you enjoy it!"

Gledate ga lahko - zastonj! - na tej YouTube povezavi.

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22. 10. 2017  Kremlin napovedujeta prvo plato 

Kanadski death thrash duo Kremlin bo 24. novembra prek Godz Ov War Productions izdal prvenec Decimation of the Elites

Očitno sta angažirana, kajti bobnar pravi: 'This album is a wake up call to the human race with an heavy gut wrenching sound from the 80`s and 90`s blasting to the truth we live in, you`re sleeping and you are getting run by Shapeschifters that your under Hypnosis wake up and fight the Babylon`s Regime bankers, polititcian, kings, queens and the pope own your ass!!! Read the lyrics of the album and enjoy the truth!!!'


1. Nuke Them (13 Families)
2. At War
3. Kremlin
4. Decimation of the Elites
5. Exterminate the Shapeshifters
6. Babylon's Regime
7. Flat Earth
8. Under Hypnosis
9. Devilution

Dva komada že lahko poslušate tukaj, naslovnica je na spodaj.

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22. 10. 2017  Anima Damnata predstavljajo detajle nove plate 

Poljski death blekkerji Anima Damnata bodo 1. novembra prek Godz Ov War Productions izdali album Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast.

O novi plati povedo sledeče: "The "Nefarious Seed..." was meant to be more intense and overwhelming than our previous releases. It is like a demon sitting on your chest, taking your breath away. Although it is more mature and less chaotic, it strikes with greater precision at the foundations of extreme metal music. This album is rather self-inspired; however, some influences of bands like  Deicide, Sarcofago and Morbid Angel may be audible. The lyrical concept is mostly set upon Promethean values, the inner strength driven by the darkest visions, and the impending end of all religions. The production of the album follows the pattern set on Scott Burns' early works, but it has been enriched with foul miasma. The "Nefarious  Seed..." completes our rapturous pentalogy dedicated to the Horned Lord. There is a bad moon on the rise, and the future is dark."


1.The Promethean Blood
2.Praise the Fall of God
3.Uprising Lucifer
4.Through Abomination 'Till Ecstasy
5.I Hail His Name
6.Your Life Is Cursed
7.Numinous Ascension Into a Black Hole
8.His Light Shines Upon Me
9.Blend Into Satan
10.Void of the Abyss

Naslovnico je ustvaril Mar.A  Artworks, medtem ko je album posnel nihče drug kot M. (Mgła). Na tem naslovu lahko prisluhnete tudi dvema komadoma.

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22. 10. 2017  Metalsteel predstavljajo tracklisto nove plate 

Metalsteel objavljajo vrstni red skladb na njihovem 7. albumu Beyond The Stars, ki bo izšel decembra letos. Fotografijo, ki bo krasila ovitek novega albuma, je ustvaril Max Petač.

Vrstni red skladb:



3. ANU








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22. 10. 2017  Scott Ian (Anthrax) bo izdal knjigo 

Decembra bo prek založbe Da Capo Press izšla že druga knjiga kitarista zasedbe Anthrax, Scotta Iana, naslovljena Access All Areas: Stories From A Hard Rock Life.

Na nek način gre za nadaljevanje njegovega knjižnega prvenca/avtobiografije I'm The Man: The Story Of That Guy From Anthrax, v novi knjigi pa nas čaka sledeče:

"(...) all stories that didn't fit into the flow of the first book. The first book is an autobiography and, at least for me, there's a certain flow to that and the way I wanted the story to move along at a really quick pace. There's just a lot of stories I had written that just really didn't fit into it — not because they were to tangential, but because I felt they were kind of taking you away from the path a little bit too much. That's where I ended up with a whole list of really great tales that just didn't work in the first book, but in a book full of stories? They're gonna be great."

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22. 10. 2017  Umrl je Martin Eric Ain 

Včeraj je v 50. letu starosti zaradi srčnega infarkta preminil nekdanji basist, tekstopisec in soustanovitelj zasedb Hellhammer ter Celtic FrostMartin Eric Stricker a. k. a. Martin Eric Ain.

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19. 10. 2017  Pestilence razkrili naslovnico nove plate 

Kot veste, so nizozemski death metalci Pestilence, pri katerih zdaj basira naše gore list, Tilen Hudrap (Vicious Rumors, Paradox etc.), napovedali novo plato Hadeon. Njena naslovnica je spodaj, predstavlja pa: ''The concept is based on a multi-layered reality, alien presence and negative frequencies.'' Ustvaril jo je Santiago Jaramillo, ki je delal z Dying Fetus, Inquisition, Lock Up ...

Prav tako so zdaj prek založbe Hammerheart ponovno izdali plošče Consuming Impulse, Testimony Of The Ancients, Mallevs Maleficarvm, napovedujejo pa še ponatis plate Spheres

Komade prvih 4 kultnih albumov bodo predstavljali februarja in marca po Evropi - nam najbližje (za zdaj!) se bodo ustavili v Beogradu v Srbiji 12. februarja.

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19. 10. 2017  Tudi Satyricon z novim spotom 

In sicer za komad To Your Brethren In The Dark z novega albuma Deep Calleth Upon Deep.

Satyr pravi: 

"I wanted 'To Your Brethren In The Dark' to be a director's interpretation of the song rather than a band performance type of thing. Seeing what we do through the eyes of another artist is always interesting to me and just like the song, the video has become a little bit of a journey on its own.

'To Your Brethren In The Dark' is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record. It is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the sombre and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet. You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with. A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark."

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19. 10. 2017  Infernal Majesty z novim spotom 

Kanadski death thrasherji Infernal Majesty ponujajo spot za naslovni single nove plate, No God

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18. 10. 2017  Naslovni komad prihajajočega albuma ponujajo Cannibal Corpse 


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18. 10. 2017  Novi spot imajo Arch Enemy 

Za single The Race

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18. 10. 2017  Eluveitie napovedujejo nov single 

Naslovljen Rebirth. Zadeva izide 27. oktobra, napoveduje pa nov album, ki izide naslednje leto. Švicarji pravijo sledeče:

"After a longer period of playing many acoustic sessions, peaking in creating our much-anticipated second acoustic album, 'Evocation II - Pantheon', we're, of course, more than excited to finally go about our next metal juggernaut! We've been gathering ideas since quite a while and yes, we started working on our next metal album! It will still take a while until we'll enter the studios again, since we first want to and will accomplish an amazing 'Evocation II' touring cycle. But to soothe your [and our] waiting time, we recently gathered again in the legendary Newsound studios to produce a first single off our upcoming metal album already — so welcome our youngest baby: 'Rebirth'!

We believe, it turned out a real monster of in-your-face folk metal and we're super proud of it. And we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! As always, it is full of pristine celtic folk music and contains treasures such as the old Irish traditional 'Lads of Laois'. But at the same time, 'Rebirth' comes with a steamrolling truckload of pure fucking metal!

Conceptually, the song takes a rather philosophical approach on ancient Celtic spirituality and mythology (and so will our upcoming album)! We take ancient mythological images to contemplate them from the view point of our everyday life (no matter if we lived two thousand years ago or today! Because we believe that the deep meaning and significance of these images didn't change ever since)! 'Rebirth' deals with the ancient Celtic image of the 'cauldron of rebirth', with it's meaning and with the darkest passages of our lives, through which we all have to go to arise reborn."

V živo jih lahko vidite v Ljubljani 31. oktobra letos v Kinu Šiška.

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18. 10. 2017  Zasedbo Madball je zapustil kitarist Mitts 

Kljub temu, da gre za veliko spremembo, zasedba napoveduje nov album (naslovljen For The Cause) ter se že novembra vrača v Evropo (če jo zgrešite novembra, se bodo mislim, da vrnili tudi januarja v sklopu tiste klasične Persistence turneje (al' kak' se ji že reče), v sklopu katere bodo tokrat Evropo obiskali tudi Hatebreed, Terror itd.

Madball pravijo: "[We] want to thank Mitts for all his years of service — for his loyalty, passion and stellar guitar playing. He shared the stage with us for sixteen years, which is longer than any other guitarist. We shared some very special moments together in those years, both on and off stage. We had many good times, sad times, bad and funny moments, as is the case with family. He will go into our own personal 'hall of fame' of class acts that have been part of the MADBALL family."

Brian "Mitts" Daniels pravi: "I've gotten to travel the globe, made four LPs, three EPs, shared stages with heroes of my childhood. The friendships I've made with all of you, from here and around the world, are priceless. Most importantly, I would like to thank my bandmates, FreddyHoyaMike, as well as past members MattRigg, BenMackieRaj. It's truly been an honor to share the stage with you all. With regards to reasons why, I ask that you respect our privacy. The only thing anyone needs to know is that we all still remain on great terms. I have always, and will forever, consider these guys my brothers, and I wish them all the best going forward from here. I have no doubt that they will continue to crush it for many years to come.

As for my future, I am by NO means retiring, or hanging up my guitar. I've been playing music since I was ten years old, and I have no intentions on stopping. As well as playing, I will continue to produce bands, something that I'm very passionate about. For every bit of sadness I have from closing the MADBALL chapter of my life, I am also very excited and looking forward to new ventures and opportunities in music."

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